K + PreK

George Watts Montessori Edible Garden (great PDF with lesson ideas)


Our PreK themes for the Spring Season are as follows:


Eric Carle/Little Seed


  • Do you have pets that might live in the garden?
  • What animals might live in the garden that aren’t pets?


  • What insects do you see in the garden?
  • What colors are they?
  • Can you count how many insects you see?
  • Where do the insects live? Do some like certain plants?
  • Hide the plastic insects around the garden for the kids to find (note: make sure you know how many you put out and where so that you can find them again ;-))


  • Have you been to a farm?
  • How is your garden like a farm?
  • How is it different?
  • What could we add to the garden to make it more like the farm you visited?


  • What animals live in a zoo?
  • What color are they?
  • Do you see any of the same colors in your garden?
  • Are there any plants that have the same names as an animal at the zoo? (note: there is Elephant Ear in a pot near the arbor – it’s sitting in the long bed waiting to get planted)
  • Can you measure your hand (gently) against the Elephang Ear leaf? If your hand bigger or smaller? What color is it? Does it smell like an Elephant?
  • Can you draw a plant that looks like an animal at the zoo?
  • Are there any colors in the garden that are the same as a zoo animal?
  • Is there anything in the garden that the animals could use as camouflage? 

Ocean & Letter Y:

Summer Fun & Letter Z

Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Have a great summer & see you in the Fall!


Scavenger hunts (regardless of topic) are always fun for the kids and easy to tailor to any subject!